Thursday, 3 June 2010

PODCAST: The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood

One post, two episodes. There are reasons, and there are reasons why the playlist for The Hungry Earth features so low down in the comments AND why a couple of the songs are oddly titled (but they're pretty famous and shouldn't keep you guessing too long and if all else fails, they're on the Spotify playlist) but those aren't important right now, let's just get on with the lizardy business:

This is the sound of EH? on disappointment. Not that The Hungry Earth was a bad episode as such, but more that it didn't really provoke much reaction from us in either direction. Still, come with us as we plumb the depths, mining the episode for all it's worth and finding out if there's anything much beneath the surface. Also - hear us attempt classic Silurian voices. It doesn't go well.

LISTEN TO "THE HUNGRY EARTH" - Hear the playlist on Spotify

COLD BLOOD aka SILURIAN SMACKDOWN 2020 (AD) Chris Chibnall offers us the chance to compare 2010 Who with 1970 Who with results that might not necessarily be deemed successful. However, at the time of recording, there was a gulf between Joe and Chris's opinion on the episode leading to the proposed auditory brawl above.
In the end, though, we find ourselves reaching a consensus by dint of how well written we thought the episode was. But hey, let's not spoil it here - listen and find out if we loved it or not.
LISTEN TO "COLD BLOOD" - Hear the playlist on Spotify

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Chris JC said...


Cutting Crew: (I Just) Died in Your Arms
British Sea Power: Remember Me
Dr. Octagon: Earth People
Rick Wright: Unfair Ground
Duran Duran: Planet Earth (Night Version)
Nat King Cole: Unforgettable
The Groundhogs: Earth is Not Room Enough
McGuinness Flint: When I'm Dead and Gone
Noisettes: Never Forget You
The Gothic Archies: In the Reptile Room
Cat Stevens: But I Might Die Tonight
Mike Oldfield: Earth Moving
Blue Boy: Remember Me
Babylon Zoo: Animal Army
Stars: He Lied About Death
Brian Eno: Sombre Reptiles
Huey Lewis and the News: You Crack Me Up
Labi Siffre: Down
Doves: Almost Forgot Myself
Faith No More: Surprise! You're Dead
Julee Cruise: I Remember
The Prodigy: Invaders Must Die
Elizabeth Parker: Planet Earth (Scenes from The Living Planet)
Simple Minds: Don't You (Forget About Me)

mb said...

Listening...(slowly b/c I'm @work)

I really planned on recording a comment for this ep - but i'll have to save that motivation for next week.

This ep certainly had more going on than last week, but it seemed like it bogged itself down with a lot of clunky dialogue and a not-so-moving (IMO) attempt at a poignant human-Silurian Peace Negotiation. basically I thought there were some good ideas in the story - just wasn't thrilled about the execution.

On the plus side (narratively - sad for the character), they sprung Rory's death on us. Though even with that, I was discussing with my wife, that neither of us felt the love between Amy and Rory here. Felt it more in Amy's choice - so I don't know if it was this story/writing, or the performance that was lacking.

Man I sound like a hater! I wasn't, just realized that I want another Angels 2-parter (i.e. equivalent thereof - not actually another Angels story).

mb said...

"'ll have to have your son tell the world about these lizard men are going to come and everyone will take you completely seriously.

- And he'll also tell people how shit you were as well.

- My mum was crrap! And there are lizzards!"

Oh lord - this wins the Podcast for me. L M F A OFF!!!

KevinCV said...

My God, I was laughing my ass off when you guys mentioned me saying "Anywho". It felt like you guys were making fun of me because of it, which is fine. I need a little mental goose like that now and again. Keeps me interested and also keeps me from being an arrogant ass.

I look forward to downloading "Vincent and the Doctor" tomorrow. :) I hope Richard Curtis delivers a good, fun ep. :) Talk to you guys later!

Chris JC said...

Thanks, guys.

Kevin - we weren't mocking you in the slightest, it just popped into mind when we were using an "anyway" style linking device.

MB, always a pleasure to hear from you, you (and everyone) are welcome to send voice comments at any time.

Don't worry about sounding like a hater, that last two parter didn't inspie much love in most people.

KevinCV said...

Oh, you guys weren't mocking me? Okay, but I still had a feeling the moment I made that post with "Anywho", I was gonna be facing the music for it sooner or later. Kinda surprised it hasn't happened already via the forum, actually.

I recently read a review that looked at the whole 2-parter as a whole, and the reviewer said that it was to date Chris Chibnall's most successful contribution to "Doctor Who". Although, given how Chibnall writes, it's probably not saying much, even though I like some of it.

Chris JC said...

Richard Curtis's episode has recently finished over here and rest assured that I, and I suspect the other EH? overlord will too, consider it to be showing Chibnall how it's fucking done.

Horatio Outside said...

If by "it" you mean "writing a good episode". I really loved the episode. Felt like a complete breath of fresh air.

This also appears to have been our funniest episode to date, judging by comments, so thanks!

KevinCV said...

I just finished watching "Vincent and the Doctor", and you guys are right. It was a breath of fresh air. I actually found myself tearing up a with van Gogh at the end when he sees the legacy his paintings have had. I also was touched that dedication to Amy in the picture of sunflowers.

It was also great to see Bill Nighy in that little cameo role. Plus, the actor who played Vincent was absolutely incredible. I'm ranking him #2 in my top 3 favorite historical figure portrayals in "Doctor Who". #1 being Simon Callow's protrayal of Charles Dickens, and #3 being Ian McNiece's protrayal of Winston Churchill. Sadly, it caused the actress who played Agatha Christie to be shunted to #4, but them's the breaks.

I can't wait to hear what you 2 have to say about it! XD

PalmerEldritch said...

people didnt like Vincent and the Doctor? why not?

that was a well acted, well crafted, emotionally engaging piece of drama. tony curran was great as van gogh, bill nighy is great in everything, and matt smith and karen gillan were great as usual. the beastie looked a little like a chicken but considering we're used to green bubble wrap in our old school adventures, i'm not too concerned by that.

the depression thing could have been taken away from the episode if they'd focused too much on it or if the focus they did give it hadnt been as well done. bittersweet episode. not from a quality standpoint. but from an emotional standpoint.

i think prepping myself by doing some reading on van gogh helped a bit. ok, so, prepping myself by skimming wikipedia helped out a bit. nice to see references to his one sale and to his brother.

really liked the little references to rory. and the big reference to rory where the doctor accidentally refers to vincent as rory. but mainly the little ones. like vincent asking why she's so sad and amy saying "she's not the marrying type." this was a really good episode to come off of rory's death.

good stuff. much better than the silurian stuff.

Chris JC said...

Hello all! It's the THE HUNGRY EARTH playlist, with a couple of very mildly cryptic titles!

Lion: Hungry for Love
Jack Michaelson: Ather Snog
Stereolab: Metronomic Underground
Malcolm Clarke: Subterranean Caves (from "Earthshock")
Corey Hart: Sunglasses at Night
Brian Eno & David Byrne: Very, Very Hungry
Peter Thomas: Calling Earth
Duran Duran: Hungry Like the Wolf
Pixies: Dig for Fire
Guided By Voices: Some Drilling Implied
Sneaker Pimps: 6 Underground
Paul Williams: Down and Out
The Rogers Sisters: I Dig a Hole
Chromatics: Mask
Dweezil Zappa: Earth
Talking Heads: Stay Hungry
Men at Work: Underground
John Martyn: Go Down Easy
Queen: The Night Comes Down
Faith No More: Digging the Grave
Tori Amos: Little Earthquakes
Boss Sprongstoine: Heangry Hurt
Sparks: Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth

Laura Greenfield said...

Short and simple. I have yet to watch these two episodes without nodding off for a bit, sad to say.

Otherwise, your podcasts kept me awake.