Wednesday, 9 June 2010

PODCAST: Vincent and the Doctor (MEGACAST)

In a one-time-only never to be repeated happenstance*, this episode of EH? runs to a little over two and a half hours long, due in large part to the masses of feedback we received about the excellent, and affecting, Vincent and the Doctor. Hopefully you'll allow us this indulgence just this once.

Also, as mentioned on the show, Joe and Chris recently appeared on the excellently fun Confessions of an Internet Addict which we fully recommend as further listening.

And finally, huge thanks again to Kerrie, the sister of the podcast, who contributed our previous update "Fear Itself (And Monsters)", about mental health and the current series of Doctor Who, taken from her own blog of the same name about living with depression. Find it HERE.


Spotify Playlist

Image from Sonic Biro

* this turned out to be a lie, but not until seven years later


Bat Masterson said...

Just at the 39:55 mark now (very much enjoyed the Scringe Stone), and wanted to mention that my interpretation of the "You're from Holland, like me" scene was not the TARDIS being arbitrary, but that everyone was speaking French, and through the TARDIS Dutch-accented French comes out as Scottish-accented English. And vice-versa.

Chris JC said...

That's perfectly reasonable. I didn't REALLY mean that I thought the TARDIS got bored and just decided to do that, but I was entertained by that notion.

Chris JC said...

Updated and slightly more accurate playlist:

Don McLean: Vincent
James Newton Howard: In the Cornfield
Sally Oldfield: Mirrors
Extreme: It('s a Monster)
Richard Attree: Artwork
Neil Richardson: Approaching Menace
Roxette: Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave)
The Lotus Eaters: The First Picture of You
Coldplay: Yellow
David Devant and his Spirit Wife: Ginger
Peter Howell and the Radiophonic Workshop: Colour Rinse
"Weird Al" Yankovic: Genius in France
The Palais All Stars: Left Bank Two (vision On's "The Gallery")
Mahito Yokota: Cosmos Illusion
Roger Limb: Yellow Moon
The icicle Works: Love is a Wonderful Colour
Paul Giovanni: Corn Rigs
Duran Duran: Faith in this Colour
Bonnie Tyler: Lost in France
Alan Hawkshaw: Chicken Man (Theme from "Grange Hill")
Phil Lynott: Yellow Pearl
Petula Clark: Colour My World
Manfred Mann's Earth Band: Blinded By the Light
My Bloody Valentine: Paint a Rainbow
Apollo 440 (w/ Billy Mackenzie): Pain in Any Language
Art Brut: Modern Art
Talking Heads: Blind
Mike Oldfield: To France
Modest Mouse: Invisible
Danny Elfman: Chicken Boy
My Teenage Stride: Depression Kicks
The Fall: Blindness (Peel Session)
The Smiths: Paint a Vulgar Picture
The Scottmen Plus: Pop-Art
Grouper: Invisible
Lightning Seeds: Where Flowers Fade
No Age: Every Artist Needs a Tragedy
Dick Mills: Dandelion Countdown (Pictures in Your Mind)
Felt (w/ Elizabeth Fraser): Primitive Partners
Elton John: Someone's Final Song
Stone Temple Pilots: Art School Girl
Athlete: Chances

dustdaughter said...

Congratulations on all of the feedback and new listeners that you've gained. The Eleventh Hour podcast is the only Doctor Who show that I listen to anymore. I think it's because both of you genuinely seem to like the show. You don't trash it every week like *cough* Podshock *cough*. And I love the Star Trek references so keep 'em coming!


Chris JC said...

Thanks for the continuing kind words, everyone. There are surely people who don't like the podcast but they haven't gone out of their way to let us know this (although I like to think we'd take it in the spirit intended if they did).

Obviously it's a bit vulgar to talk numbers, so we won't be specific, but we've been astounded by the rapid take-up of downloads. We aren't silly enough to think each downloads equates to an actual full listen, much less a regular listener, but if even 10% of them are listening regularly then we're pretty happy.

Catbrain said...

Thanks so much for removing the server hum - I fully expected you not to include it because of the poor quality, so appreciate your efforts.

I love your chatty discussions of the episode and all the feedback from clearly an intelligent bunch of listeners. I also enjoy hearing Joe in my left ear and Chris in my right - it's like sitting on the couch with two people having a conversation over you (in a good way). What are we going to do in 4 weeks time???

BTW, other than being a place near Bristol, my handle is one of my cat's nicknames. Her "formal" name is Weazle, and another nickname is Wurzel.

Perhaps, if I email feedback, you could do a nice West Country accent, a la Scringe Stone?

PalmerEldritch said...

i have, at this point, nothing intelligible to add. as such, hello!

let's see. enjoyed the podcast. didnt mind the length (twss), because i took it a bit at a time (twss).

i imagine that tomorrow's episode will be negatively compared to Vincent and the Doctor even if its pretty good. which it doesn't look to be. i'm hoping it will at least be amusing. which it prolly will be. right?

Steve H said...

The expression "Richrd Curtis - damn the bugger" should only EVER be pronounced in a Northern accent. By law!!!